Brow Mastrz Presents “THE BROW SOAP”


Brow Mastrz has recently launched “The Brow Soap” for those who want salon styled brows daily at their home. Brow soap is the perfect alternative to brow gel, it contains glycerin that cover the brow hairs and provide a better hold and fuller look. The pH value of our brow soap is relatively low as compared to other soaps. Few reasons to choose our brow soap:

*It helps to give you lamination look at home.
*it helps to give you filler look.
* It helps to grow your brows faster.
* You don’t need to put makeup on just ready to go.

How To Use Brow Soap?

Using brow soap for styling your brows is simple and easy. Follow the steps mentioned below and get the desired brow shape you want:

Step 1: Take an eyebrow brush and wet it using a gentle spray of water.
Step 2: Coat the moist bristles of brush with brow soap.
Step 3: Comb the brow hairs with brush in one direction. Make sure brows are coated evenly.
Step 4: Set the brows to desired shape and thats it.

Buy Brow Mastrz Brow Soap!

Brow Soap are in stock and available for salon pickup. Visit our salon or contact us if you want yours.

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