Microblading in Coquitlam


Brow Mastrz Spa provides best microblading services in Coquitlam. Our experts have mastered the skill of shaping up the eyebrows as its been years since we are practising the technique. If you want to have beautiful, darker and thicker eyebrows look no other than Brow Mastrz Spa. Book appointment for microblading in Coquitlam.

Eyebrow microblading is a tattooing technique used to enhance the overall look of eyebrows. In this technique a small handheld tool is used to draw fine line under the skin that mimics natural hairs. The pigments implanted under the skin lasts long upto 3 years depending upon the skin tone.

Microblading in Coquitlam

About The Microblading Procedure

Microblading session takes upto 3 hours from beginning to completion. First step is to shape and style eyebrows as per client’s requirement. After approval from the client next step is to choose the colour of the pigment. Colour of the pigment is selected to match actual colour of the eyebrows. After the selection procedure, the technician  begins with the actual process.

The colour of brows may appear darker and the brow area may become slightly red immediately after the treatment. It will take around 10-12 days for brows to completely heal and colour will be fully set in about a month.

ServicePriceOffer Price
Microblading $599$550


Touchups Price
Touchup under 12 months $175
Touchup under 18 months$225
Touchup over 18 months$450

Powder Brows/Ombre Brows


Powder Brows is a technique used to create a powdered shadow effect to the eyebrows that mimics conventional makeup. Powder brows is suggested to those who already have blonde eyebrow hairs but want a base colour to make them highlighted. Unlike Microblading where thin strokes are created, this technique uses a small pen like device with tiny needles that puncture the skin and fill the colour underneath. This technique can lasts upto 5 years and only minor touchups are required later.

Powder Brows$550

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We also offer powder brow and ombre brow services.

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