Microshading in Coquitlam


Microshading is bit similar to microblading but more suitable for those having sensitive skin. Unlike drawing fine lines on eyebrows in mircoblading, microshading is a process of adding a shadow effect to the eyebrows. The small pin point pigments adds a gradient to the brows and make them look darker, fuller and thicker.


About The Procedure

Microshading session takes upto 3 hours from beginning to completion. First step is to shape and style eyebrows as per client’s requirement. After approval from the client next step is to choose the colour of the pigment. Colour of the pigment is selected to match actual colour of the eyebrows. After the selection procedure, the technician begins with the actual process.

The colour of brows may appear darker and the brow area may become slightly red immediately after the treatment. It will take around 10-12 days for brows to completely heal and colour will be fully set in about a month.

Microshading $450
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